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Being a Managing Director of highly emerging organization Braionics Software Solutions Leading  Experts in making  Customized Solutions and creating Robust Best Quality products at Best Price .

Looking for Partners and consultants to market our product and Services globally

we have 4+ years in software development and website creation 

we do  web design(mobile responsive ),graphics designs ,mobile app and software development in below technologies 





   Python (django,flask)





   dotnet framework(C#,asp.net,VB)

Device responsive websites(static & dynamic),

globalized products,      

QR Code Generation,      

Grapic design,Poster creations

Animated explainer and promotion videos

Our Products to accelerate your growth


       1)Warehouse Management (multiwarehouse ,distributors and dealers),

       2)Real Estate Portal,

       3)Instant website for property consultants(complete control on design and content by admin)

       4)SPA ERP,

       5)Beyond Bill (inventory & barcode printing),

       6)Hotel Management,

       7)Office Management,

       8)chit fund management,

       9) ERP Suite,

       10)Dashboard for IOT devices

       11)Ecommerce Sites

       12)Matrimonial Sites   

      13) Recruitment Management   

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Muthusenthil Vinayagam.R

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  • Posted on 2020-12-18 19:46:16
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