KAAPAN The Best Security Guard management software

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Braionics leads the market with best Security & facility Manpower software ,which makes your all business day in and day out Easy

KAAPAN Software is here to revolutionize the way you handle security guard Services! our user-friendly platform streamlines every aspect of business management.

Security  Manpower Management Features:

Efficient Client Managemet **: Easily create designation ,billing amount per hour or month & process salary per unit.

Multiple branch management in single sign on 

Employee management**: Employee as per unit and digitalized proofs assign distribution authority

Attendance Tracking**: Keep track of guard attendance and hours worked accurately.(manual attendance,bulk upload and qr code) 

Auto Billing **: Generate Bill automatically as per attendance of guards through the software and maintain payment track

Payroll Management(PF & ESI)**: Generate salary as per attendance report as per unit or Employee with deductions .

obile Accessibility**: Access the software anytime, anywhere through mobile,Tab devices for on-the-go management.

GST Reports,PF, ESI Reports

Petty cash Management with wallet 

Purchase Management(uniform & other items)

Generate Instant quote

Incident Reporting**: Report incidents promptly and track resolution progress effortlessly.

Einvoice Bulk filing

Accounts Profit & loss,balance sheet

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