Best Pharmacy Management software

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Braionics Pharmacy management software is a best tool in market to manage your Pharmacy Business day in and day out 

Integrated Dashboard to drive your business with device responsive features increase your mobility

best features of pharmacy management software are 

Client Management - Efficient CRM maintains different customer group and relations


  •     Sales per Product 
  •      Daily Sales report
  •      From to date Sales report generation
  •      Monthly & Annually

Purchase management

  •      Purchase order
  •      Direct Purchase
  •      Supplier or Vendor Management

Inventory Management 

  •     Opening stock
  •     Closing  stock

 products with expiry date in ascending order

Expense Management

  •  Inversion of Control Add category subcategory purpose as your convenience
  •  Petty cash Management
  • Monthly wallet for petty cash management    

Profit & Loss

Multi language support 

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  • Posted on 2023-02-03 17:37:20
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