Clinic Management Software

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Braionics Best Clinic Management Software 

We Integrate all your Day in and out together and makes manage and monitor your clinic easy

suitable for any type of clinics

Clinic management Features:

1. Dashboard 

2. Staff management 

3. Patient management 

4. Patient history

5. Patient service receipt

6. Patient online payments, card , cash 

7. Staff login 

8. Appointment 

9. Appoinment history 

10. Expenses management 

11. Expenses history 

12. Therapist, amount send  to admin  via online 

13. Service master data 

14. Bulk upload 

15. User previlegers 

16. Multi Branch management 

17. City and area master data 

18.service category master data

19. Bill history 

20. Sales details in dashboard

21. Tax deatails master data 

22. feed back from patients

23. Staff login Portfolio and dashboard

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