ERP Softwares for Subcontractors

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Braionics  best ERP software for small industries and subcontractors in various industrial estates

Major problems of subcontractors and small scale industries are addressed 

Without any manpower you can able to monitor and manage your business and all the process are automated

its a boon to use this tool by which you can restrict money and time leakage 

ERP features

1)DC inward

2)Process Maintenance(Rework Frequency Calculation) 

4) Inventory Management

5)DC outward

6)Bill Report

7)Raw Material In

8)Raw Material Out

9)Supplier Management

10)Customer management

11)Attendance Management

12)Payroll processing

13)Pettycash Expense

14)Sales Report

15)Profit and loss

16)Scrap Msanagement

please reach us for demo of ERP software 

If You want to get demo Link Please Contact US
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  • Posted on 2023-02-06 16:00:06
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